Small Business

A major challenge today for small business owners is keeping up with all the payroll tax deadlines and constantly changing filing requirements. Diamond Payroll Services, LLC will take the payroll tax burden off of you. We will make all payroll tax deposits on time, in full and file all necessary reports in a timely manner. We guarantee that you will never pay another payroll tax penalty.

We Will

  • Prepare payroll checks, direct deposits or paycards for your employees
  • Prepare check registers
  • Prepare deduction report
  • Process garnishment/child support deductions
  • Prepare and submit payroll taxes for federal and state
  • Prepare and file 941, 940, SUTA and state withholding reports
  • Prepare and submit W-2’s and W-3 tax forms at year end
  • Track employee vacation hours
  • Track employee cash advances
  • Ensure your compliance with the Affordable Care Act
  • We guarantee you will never pay another payroll tax penalty.